Our History

Hsuen Tsang Retreat Centre is part of TRIRATNA BUDDHIST COMMUNITY known as TRIRATNA BAUDDHA MAHASANGHA in India.
It is in the name of Great Chinese traveller and Buddhist Monk HSUEN TSANG. (1100 years after Buddha he spent 15 years traveling and studying in various Buddhist Monasteries and Universities in India . He left India with great learning and huge number of Buddhist Scriptures to China and translated some of this treasure in Chinese. )

This Centre is a return gift of Dhamma, as Taiwanese donors expressed in honour of Hsuen Tsang to Indian Buddhists.

First phase of construction was completed in 1992 and was inaugurated by Ven. Sangharakshita on 14th January 1993. Its second phase with the Stupa was completed in the following year and was inaugurated by a Chinese Nun Ven. Shin Tao. Her disciples donated all the money for its construction.

Since 1993 we are running Dhamma retreats throughout a year. We have very successfully completed our 25 year of full and intense activities for the training in Dhamma.

The Centre

Heart – Amongst all the buildings which are very well designed, Hollow Stupa is the main attraction of our campus. (see Pictures) Inside this hollow Stupa there is very beautiful Shrine of four Buddhas facing four directions. Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi, Akshobhya and Ratnasambha. Vairochana Buddha , at the centre in the scheme of Mandala of five Buddhas, is not on the Shrine.

Our Team

Retreat centre is run by a resident community of 15 Order Members (Dhammacharis) and Mitras. Men’s Ordinations Process team based in Nagpur are the guide to our residential Community. They are Dhammacharis – Amoghasiddhi, Amrutdeep, Nagaketu, Ratnasiddhi, Jnanaratna.