Three Month Training

This training is specially designed for Mitras or aspiring Mitras in Triratna. We offer full two year mitra course syllabus. This course includes three meditation retreats, Dr Ambedkar’s vision of new society. Presently participants are required to bear their expenses apart from food and accommodation. We are offering two courses in a year. Maximum number of participants are 7 only. Candidate is required to complete atleast one month course in the retreat centre or is a mitra attending centre’s classes for a year. Age of participant should be less than 35.

  • 1st March – 31st May
  • 1st Sept to 30th Nov

The first course of this year was very successful. 5 participants stayed for all three months and benefited greatly. They were from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Kerala and Maharashtra.

For both One and Three month courses, candidates are registered after their telephonic or in person communication with our training coordinator, presently Dhammachari Tejwardhan (09764150277). Those who like to register are requested to contact Dhammachari Tejwardhan.

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